Wrought iron gate and railings restoration

Restoration work comes in all shapes and sizes which adds to the challenges. Especially when the customer hands you a couple of scrolls and a vague recollection of what the scrolls once fitted into. But that's fine, that's what makes it all the more interesting.

We failed to fully document and photograph this project as much as we would have liked. But thought it was interesting because the project is in Buckinghamshire on the same property as seen in the TV show Downton Abbey.

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Before restoration

As you can see from these photos the railings where feeling a little sorry for them selves.

top of railing railing body damaged scrolls

During restoration

Sometimes parts are missing this is when we have to refer to previous works in the area or the memory of the owner or even locals.

center of gate back of center for gate main center of gate

After restoration

The best bit is always the last. Fully restored and looking as they where intended to look.

gate and wood posts top center peace of gate single gate double gate

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