Sliding security gates

For maximum protection the steel sliding security gate is the best. The sliding gate provides you with the strongest defense against ram raiders (the use of a vehicle as a ram) or any type of forced entry.

Sliding gates can be manual and up to a certain size the manual option is ideal and very cost effective. However once you get to a certain size and weigh of gate then you really must go with an automated system.

Sliding security gates don't have to be plain.

Automated sliding security gates

automated sliding security gate

Automated sliding gate

This is a very solid steel automated sliding security gate with small triangles on top to deter would be gate climbers.

Pin enrty post

Pin entry post

Simple pin entry access system. Other options are available: Video, voice, pin, timer, drive up automated opening and manual access.

Automated sliding security gate motor

Automated gate motor

The motor for this size gate is small, unobtrusive and very reliable.

side view sliding security gate

Side view of automated gate

This is a side view of the same gate along with the pin entry post set at car window height (we can install more than one eg: lorry window height)

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Automation options

Gate automation can be customized to fit both your pocket and or requirements. From a very simply drive up sensor (for cars) and a push button (for people) to a customized system mix of timer, sensor, user, video and pin and any combination you can imagine.


A simple timer will open the gate and close the gate. Just don't be on the wrong side of the gate when is closes....

Drive up and button entry

A loop sensor is set in the ground both sides of the gate, as a vehicle approaches the gate it opens. A single button set on a post by the gate will activate the motor for pedestrian access.

Pin entry

Enter a pin number for both vehicle and pedestrian access, its usual to fit a loop sensor on the internal approach to the gate which then allows vehicles out without having to enter a pin.

Video and or Voice and pin entry

A video screen and or voice button will allow the visitor to speak to someone to gain access in situations that require visitor screening. This unit also has pin access for people who are authorized.

Video and or Voice, pin and programmable user entry system.

The fully monty in terms of all of the above but with the added benefit of allowing you to control who has access on what days and between what times.

Photo gallery of automated sliding security gates

Security gates don't have to be plain.

Don't go thinking that sliding security gates have to be plain and boring to look at. We can make your gate to look just how you want it to be, made from wood or steel to any design you like.

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